Client Testimonials

OJ-Consume Ltd Data’s Purpose Is To Support Clients To Make Informed Optimal Decisions.

To live up to the trust of customers and fulfill their responsibilities.We have provided over 15,000 market reports for 2,000+ companies from 70+ countries.

Our publications encompass a range of areas, spanning from specialized markets to broad markets. Our steady expansion and capacity to provide comprehensive evaluations and industry expertise has captivated authentic market participants. They trust us to furnish the facts and knowledge they need to arrive at fair and resolute marketing judgments.

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Over the past two years, we have worked on several projects with OJ-Consume Ltd, where much of the research is bespoke and often requires finding the information you need in a huge amount of data. However, whenever we make such a request, we are always very satisfied with the quality of OJ-Consume Ltd’s research.

In each case, they not only met but exceeded our expectations, providing valuable additional data and insights that gave us a deeper understanding of the market.

Based on the excellent performance of OJ-Consume Ltd, we plan to continue to work with them in the future to meet most or all of our market research needs. We believe that through their expertise and quality services, we will be able to better develop and achieve our business objectives.

- Nancy Robinson, Senior Engagement Manager, Alchemy Growth

We are very pleased with the post-report procurement support provided by OJ-Consume Ltd. The quality of the reports they provided was excellent, and the content and format of the later reports were in line with our needs and expectations.

We are particularly grateful for the conversations and additional customized services of OJ-Consume Ltd’s analysts, which have provided us with deeper insights and context that are of great value to us in achieving our goals commercially.

The team at OJ-Consume Ltd was very responsive and exceeded our expectations with a real focus on how to help us maximize the use of information and research to achieve our business goals.

We are grateful for the professional support and assistance of OJ-Consume Ltd and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to promote our business development.

- Dave Craigie, Senior Engagement Manager, GE Healthcare

We worked with OJ-Consume Ltd on a project, and the quality of the project met our expectations, which made us very happy.

We are grateful for the help and quick response of Rae Darwin, Customer Service Representative of OJ-Consume Ltd, whose professional competence and warm service made this project possible.

We look forward to more opportunities in the future to work with OJ-Consume Ltd to advance market research and business development.” At the same time, we also hope to continue to receive professional support and help from OJ-Consume Ltd in future cooperation.

- Debby Blume, Cogence Group PC

I am very happy to have access to valuable data, which gives me a comprehensive view of the statistics of the current rapidly growing global market.

The OJ-Consume Ltd report exceeded our expectations in terms of content, tables and data, which helped us achieve our research goals.

This latest data and information provides us with valuable guidance to help us build assessments about the market, as well as government policy references for our business planning.

I am very grateful to Mabel Camp, customer service representative of OJ-Consume Ltd, for her assistance and quick reply. We are very satisfied with her professional and warm service.

We look forward to continuing to work with OJ-Consume Ltd in the future to explore additional opportunities for market research and business development.”

- VITO, Belgium

OJ-Consume Ltd provides us with very unique and valuable information on the conductive silicone rubber market. Our comparative in-depth market assessment, supported by the knowledge of industry partners, further validates the accuracy and reliability of the report.

We really appreciate the format of the report, which includes an expanded table that summarizes all the market data and the report itself, which makes it easy to get the full picture and details of the market.

In addition, we were very pleased with the communication with the representatives of OJ-Consume Ltd, who provided timely and professional support to ensure that our needs were accurately met. We are delighted to be working with them and look forward to continuing to use their market research capabilities in the future.”

- Ralap Birrell, Marketing Manager, Textile Coatings, Covestro

It is critical for a government agency to have reliable and insightful data to support our programs and expand opportunities beyond our local area. We were impressed with the quality of OJ-Consume Ltd’s reports, the service and support they provided was always very timely and always exceeded our expectations.

In particular, their flexibility in support of reporting purposes allows us to maximize the use of reports outside of working hours. This is important for our government agencies as we need to ensure that our decisions are based on accurate and comprehensive data, while also making the best use of all available resources.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the quality of service and reporting from OJ-Consume Ltd. We are impressed by their professionalism, reliability and flexibility, and look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to achieve our goals.”

- SiO2 Medical Products Inc.

As a member of a startup, we need to constantly make decisions and adjustments based on the actual situation. In this process, OJ-Consume Ltd has been an important partner for us. Not only did they provide the customized service we needed, but they were always with us to make sure our needs were met.

In the end, we purchased a report that was very detailed and met all our requirements. The most satisfying thing is that they not only submitted the report on time, but also answered every question for us, which is very important because we sometimes need to make decisions at short notice.

I am very satisfied with the relationship and reports with OJ-Consume Ltd. Their professionalism and efficient service provide us with valuable support and help to enable our company to grow and grow better. I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future to achieve our goals.

- Thailand

OJ-Consume Ltd has provided excellent market research services for my company, SiO2 Medical. Their reports allow us to get a more complete picture of the market situation and identify new opportunities. It is because of this report that we have been able to successfully expand our business into the Chinese market, which is of great significance for the development of our company.

We are grateful for the high quality of service provided by OJ-Consume Ltd and look forward to continuing to leverage their market research capabilities to help us better capture business opportunities and expand our business.” We once again express our sincere thanks to them and look forward to continuing their help and support in our future cooperation.

- FACP, FACHE, MG, USA (retired) President/CEO THE 5Ps

I am very satisfied with the report and the service provided by OJ-Consume Ltd. The report does an excellent job in terms of depth and breadth, and is very reasonably priced. I was glad to get an immediate response to my question and the whole project went very well. With the help of their research reports, I am able to meet the expectations of my clients, which is very valuable support for me.

When I need to learn about another industry while serving my clients, OJ-Consume Ltd is the company I turn to. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wishes to learn about any industry. I have nothing but the best wishes for the service of this company!

- Earl Dillon, eGOOD

I am pleased to be able to share my feedback on the “Moisture Proof Cellular Professional Inspection Report” obtained from OJ-Consume Ltd. In my opinion, this is a very excellent market report, it has professional research and presentation, and the information in the report is very comprehensive, which fully meets our needs and even exceeds our expectations. The report includes a custom section, which is very helpful for our market research work.

I still remember that when we needed additional requirements and the urgency of the report was highlighted, you had an in-depth discussion with your team and ultimately delivered a high-quality report on time. We are confident that your team has put a lot of effort and time into the whole process. We are very grateful for all that your team has done, especially Ms. Jessica Clement, who has always communicated with us in a professional manner, friendly and patient. Her professionalism and friendly manner made us feel very comfortable and satisfied.

Overall, we are very satisfied with the service of OJ-Consume Ltd and look forward to more cooperation opportunities in the future. We thank you again for your professionalism and efforts and hope that we can continue this good partnership.

- Frances Holt, Aqua Industrial Group

Working with OJ-Consume Ltd has been a great pleasure for me. I highly appreciate their excellent speed of response and lead times as well as their flexible and tailored approach to the customer. Working with them made me feel very smooth and comfortable, without any problems or dissatisfaction. I look forward to our future cooperation and hope that we can continue this good relationship.

- Linda Bernal, O2OOL LLC

I can share that the experience with OJ-Consume Ltd has been very positive and they have shown great flexibility and adaptability in adapting to our needs. I was impressed by the professionalism and timely follow-up of the team, who delivered a high quality report that fully met our requirements. If we need more research support in the future, I firmly believe that they will definitely provide strong assistance and solutions. Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I am very satisfied and look forward to our future cooperation.

- KPMG, Netherlands

I am very satisfied with the service of OJ-Consume Ltd, especially the communication and transaction process with tony. His patience and expertise made the process of buying market research very easy for me. He was understanding and supportive when it took me a long time to complete the purchase and provided key advice to help me make the final purchase decision. In addition, when the purchase’s report did not contain the information I needed, he promptly provided additional help to quickly resolve the issue. If the company’s report can continue to meet my Information needs, I will definitely choose to cooperate with OJ-Consume Ltd again and recommend it to others in need.

- SVP Chartered Accountants, Qatar

I had a wonderful shopping experience at OJ-Consume Ltd. They answered all my questions quickly and accurately, which made me feel very satisfied. Although the package I originally wanted to purchase was not exactly the same as the package I eventually received, they answered my questions in detail in clear and timely information and helped me finalize a package that exactly met my requirements. This high quality service and professional attitude made me feel very satisfied and made me feel relaxed and reassured during the shopping process.

- Kaleido Biosciences

Thank you very much for your concern and thanks, we are very satisfied with the service you provide. We deeply trust and rely on your professional competence and excellence, so if the need arises in the future, we will certainly seek your support and help again. We believe that with your efforts, we will be able to achieve better results and progress. Thank you again for your efforts!

- Caesar Brown, Senior Engagement Manager, OCSIAI

The OJ-Consume Ltd team, with its expertise and dedication, is able to quickly understand and grasp our needs and tailor research solutions to our requirements. They are not only committed to improving the quality of their research, but also willing to actively accept and respond to some changes beyond the agreed scope in order to provide better services. They regularly share interim reports to ensure that we are able to review our findings in a timely manner and avoid potential misunderstandings so that we can successfully achieve our objectives. Their excellent organization and careful presentation of the report made the acquisition of the data and final report easy and enjoyable, providing us with valuable insights and references.

- Kay Harriman, Senior Engagement Manager, TIME

Thank you very much for your hard work and selfless dedication to our help and support! We look forward to our future cooperation and continue to achieve more success together.


OJ-Consume Ltd has been our ideal partner, committed to personalized medicine and meticulous research across disciplines. With excellent execution and responsiveness, they were able to tailor research to our needs and complete all reports in a timely and high standard. Alice, our Account Manager, was excellent in coordinating all our needs and we had a great time working with her.